How to do a quick & cheap bathroom update

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Install vinyl-flooring that looks like wood. Install a sturdy wood-simulated vinyl to give your bathroom a beautiful and simple update.

Replace bathroom hardware. For around £60, you can update your bathroom by installing beautiful new handles, pulls, and towel racks.

Install custom storage shelves. Maximize smaller bathrooms by installing an over-the-door shelf.

Make your ceilings art. With a stencil, crown, moldings, and low PVC paint, you can have a beautiful ceiling in no time and for around £100.

Add wainscoting around the toilet area. For about £50, you can completely transform your bathroom using wallpaper that looks like beadbored & chair rail moldings.

Watch the video: DIY $20 master bathroom makeover. Fixing up my old mobile home part 2. Painting and decorating!


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