How to build a gingerbread house

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So this is what it looks like. You can get it at Starbucks!

This is the frosting. Put it in the clear bag thingy they give you.

This is the candy. Put them in separate bowls.

Candy canes too!

Put a steady layer of frosting is the creases of the cardboard.

Put some more frosting at where the joints meet

Break apart the small planter gingerbread pieces. You should have 4 pieces total.

Frost them together and set aside.

Now put one tablespoon frosting in a bowl with half a teaspoon of water. Now stir until smooth and set aside.

Put the roof on with some frosting.

Now you use your watery frosting to spread across the top. Sprinkle the sugar on top as snow. Add Christmas lights with the bead candies

Add two windows with the candy frappcinos. Add a dot of frosting as creme. Now add gumdrops along the sides.

Cut more gumdrops into slices and put them on top of the plant holders with frosting. Put candy cane sticks as the door. Then add a knob with frosting and bead candies.

Now add the EDIBLE Starbucks label and you're done!😋😋😋

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