How to use google pixel xl phone as gps device in old car

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This Gizmo Guy Gadget provide a quick and simple way to connect your new Pixel XL Phone to your older car radio.

You can integrate the Google Pixel Phone to your older car radio by using this gadget from Gizmo Guy Buy & Info @

Connect the Google Pixel XL Phone to your older car radio without Bluetooth or Aux input.

Simply connect this gadget to the audio port of the Pixel Phone.

Make sure the setting on the transmitter is set at 87.9 FM

Make sure the car radio is also set at the 87.9 FM which matches the setting on the gadget.

Start up Google Map or Apple Map on the Pixel XL phone. Provide your location and your destination.

For the best integration, it is best to add a holder for the Pixel Phone.

Position your holder at a position that will not interfere with your driving.

Make sure the Pixel XL is within reach of your index finger for ease of operation.

You are now ready to enjoy the conveniences of Google Map GPS Navigation functionality right thru your old car radio.

You have just successfully integrate the Pixel XL to your old car radio. You will hear all the GPS detail instruction loud and clear thru your cars speakers.

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Watch the video: GOOGLE PIXEL 2XL FAREWELL #Pixel2XL

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