How to make a light clay monster

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First off gather all your supplies . You will need; tools,spring,light clay (different colours) and goggles eyes

First off grab your Main colour and mould it into q body shape.

No get your first eye

Then attach it to the body

Now get some more clay

Snap a bit off

And divide it into to two ( preferably small)!

Add them to the body

Get your other colour clay .

And add it on top of the other little green parts

Now get your goggles eyes

Add your goggles eyes onto your monster

Now get a different colour

Take a small part

And create spots

Now get your other choice of colour clay

Make a mouth shape

Add it to your monster

Get the white or any colour

And make the teeth

Now get the body you used for the colour and make two arm and two legs

Add the little details

Now add to the body

Add somw horns and spring (if you want) and you are done!

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