How to make snowflakes

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Cut a piece of paper into a square.

Fold in half diagonally.

Fold the new triangle in half again.

Now you have this.

Fold one side up, until it is in a straight line with the center.

Do the same thing to the other side.

Flip it over. Cut off the excess triangles.

Now you have this cone shaped thing.

Cut pieces and designs into the "cone". I like to put my clippings on a piece of paper so that I don't have tiny paper in the carpet. (BTW, I made 3 snowflakes-one big and three small-).

Close up.

Begin to open them up... (the suspense! Lol😅).

Ta da!!!!!!! (The small snowflake on the bottom is my brother's).

If you enjoyed this guide, please like, comment, and check out my other guides! I am going to post a series of fall and Christmas decorations and projects very soon! Bye guys!!!!👋🏻

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