How to make a banana soup

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Chop the zucchini, add salt and set them aside.

Chop an onion

Pour yourself some wine.

Chop some bacon, ham or any other pork meat. You can fry this up beforehand. Next time I would like to use a leftover stake.

Decide it won`t be enough and chop some more.

Add chicken.This is the thigh of a grilled chicken we had for dinner the day before.

Find some small spicy sausages.

Chop them as well.

Chop a red pepper.

and a big carrot (or a few small ones)

and a few small potatoes (or a big one).I would recommend you replace the potato with celery. Next time, I will.

Forget that you wanted to add ginger and cut just a little bit.

Add ginger and onion in a pot, after the butter has melted.

Realise the lid is in the washing machine and you can`t put it on just yet.

If the washing machine finishes, put the lid on.

Onion is cooked, until golden brown and softens.

Then add all the meat.

Pour yourself another glass of wine.

After the meat is a bit fried up, add water to the pot.

Add all the vegetables.

All the vegetables.

Cover the pot, but leave just a tiny bit open.

Add your excess ginger in a glass and make some tea.

The soup is ready when the potatoes (or celery) are soft.

Add sweet corn.

Add orange juice. (I know this looks nothing like orange juice)

Chop a ripe banana (or two) and add them to the soup.

Add the spices.


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