How to create a textured brick wall background

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Cover the entire background with silver embossing paste and allow to dry (don't worry about getting a smooth coverage).

Colour some crackled embossing paste with Potting Soil Archival Reinker and apply it over the silver base through a brick stencil. Once again, allow to dry and crack.

Blend brown and grey Archival Inks randomly over the pasted surface using a blending tool, leaving some of the base coloured paste exposed. Then cover with a thin layer of multi medium matte.

Finally mix translucent embossing paste with Fired Brick Distress Paint and Red Geranium Archival Reinker. Spread it through an 'ink splatter' stencil in various places on the wall background.

I finished my card with some stencilling, a stamped/coloured image and some lettering but you can add whatever you like!

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