How to make a cool vase arrangement for july 4th

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Start with a container. Something in red, white or blue is ideal (although you could also use something in a neutral such as black). Add foam. Add a little foliage (eg. Salal tips) to the top.

Use some vine or twigs to create a funky shape. These must be very fresh and flexible. Insert into the foam, & then twist around and secure using florist wire.

We are using hydrangea, roses and carnations. Be sure to get flowers from your florist that have been well conditioned before you use them.

Add a red carnation as shown. Don't downplay carnations. They come in a range of colors, are reasonable in price and hold up well. They give great value and mix well with other flowers.

Add a second red carnation to the left and three as shown to the right. These are placed as illustrated, close to the container.

Add a large blue hydrangea into the center of the container. (This is why we added a little foliage earlier to cover mechanics when we could easily do so.). Also add some more twigs/vine as shown.

We could stop at the last step but let's make it more interesting. Add several white roses going out to the right side.

Add a third rose closer to the container.

And finally a fourth rose as shown. Add a little more foliage close to the base to cover the foam mechanics.

Hydrangea are available in not only blue but white and sometimes pinks. Roses & carnations in white, pinks, & reds. You can play with these colors to come up with interesting variations.

This arrangement is one sided. It will work well on a mantel, sideboard or end table… Make it and get bragging rights! Happy Fourth of July!

Watch the video: DIY DOLLAR TREE 4TH OF JULY Floral Crown u0026 Arrangement. Patriotic Flowers u0026 Centerpiece


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