How to turn an art print into a diy shift dress

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With the help of Curate Snacks, we enlisted three rockstars to put their heads together to turn an art print into an outfit.

Our source of inspiration comes from Curate Snacks, a new line of snack bars made from all-natural ingredients combined in unexpected ways.

We took the unexpected ingredients of their Sweet & Tart Berry Bliss bar bar and did something similarly unexpected — we made a dress!

First, our visual designer sketched out some of the ingredients found in the Sweet & Tart bar.

Then we scanned the sketches and made an art print in Adobe Illustrator inspired by the colors of the bar. (Can we just take a minute to appreciate this beautiful print? We’re seriously impressed.)

Next, we printed our art print onto jersey fabric with the help of Spoonflower, then handed it off to our sewing pro to make a dress.

She created a simple shift dress pattern for this project. To download the pattern, be sure to click the link at the end of the guide!

First, download and print out the dress pattern. Head to a copy center to print it lifesize (it usually costs $10-$15), or print and tile it together at home.

Fold your fabric in half and pin the straight edge of the pattern to the fold of the fabric. Then cut out the dress pattern that fits your size. Cut out both front and back pieces of the dress.

Use chalk to transfer the dotted line marking seen on the front pattern of the dress onto the fabric.

Then remove the paper pattern and fold your fabric in half the opposite way to transfer the chalk to the other side of the dress.

Fold the fabric on the chalk line and pin a diagonal line, creating a triangle with the point facing inward.

Sew this diagonal line on both edges to create pleats in the dress.

Pin the good sides of the front and back pieces facing inward.

Sew the two side seams and shoulder seams.

Once you’re done sewing, trim excess fabric.

Turn the dress right side out. You’re done!

Lastly, we styled the dress to make it our own. We paired the shift dress with a light denim jacket and a mint saddle bag for another punch of color.

Ta-da! Thee creative minds, one simple source of inspiration and a delightful result.

As you can see, keeping the Curate bar out of Sir Otis Wellington’s reach was a task in itself. Happy snacking! For more tips + tricks, click here:

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