How to create a beautiful valentine's day card

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Cut a 7 1/2 x 5 rectangle using the sheet shown from the paper pad. Punch the edges using a double loops punch.

Create a card base (7 1/2 x 10") from the pink sheet shown from the paper pad. Score in the center to create the card base. Adhere the rectangle from step 1 to the center of the card.

Die cut a paper doily using the Parisian Lace Die. Add to the left side of the card base. Add ephemera pieces as shown.

Add lace flowers and fabric leaves to the design.

Add flowers and the clock from the ephemera pack.

Add a third lace flower to the right side of the card base. Add the "Post Card" ephemera piece to the center of the card.

Add crystals sparingly to the design.

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