How to make a 'learn your name' book for a child

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You can decorate it more if you'd like but I find that simple is the most effective and least distracting.

Fold your paper in half. Use the edge of you marker to make a sharp crease and tear. Keep doing this until you have the number (and size) pieces you want. I'm going to do the name Mia (my niece)

You will need one page (a single side) for each letter of the name. Plus 6 more pages. This does not include the cover and the back. So for the name 'reighlan' (8 letters) I used (4) 1/4 pieces. 👉

Making 8 leaves of paper, creating 16 pages (with cover and back page) For the name 'Mia' I'll use 12 pages. This gives me an extra page but it's okay we'll use it!

Staple your pages together.

The cover. "My Name is _______" very simple

At the top of the page write the name ( make sure to capitalize the first letter) and under line the first letter ( or subsequent letter) then write the letter in the center of the page.

Do that for each letter.

The next page is fun for them. Write the whole name at the top and then scramble up the rest of the letters in the middle of the page. The idea is that they read the letters and point to them in order

So the first pages teach them to identify each individual letter and is set up in order for repetition. The scramble is designed to help them identify the correct letters when they are out of order.

This next page is the upper and lower case letters of the name. I use this page for pointing to a letter and then point to the upper or lower case words at the bottom. Word and letter recognition.

For instance: "show me the letter m in your name" the child points to the m's. Ask them then to show you if it's upper or lower case by pointing to the right word.

This page is optional. I used it as a filler. This is her full first name and some nicknames. If you add this page it just personalizes it and adds another learning opportunity.

Ask your child a question about their name or write some fact about it. This helps them feel like this book is special for them and makes them more keen to be involved with learning.

I suggest doing this side by side so they can see the difference. This can be used to help them pick out the correct letters out of the whole alphabet. You can use this separately for different words.

On your last pages, or extra pages, add a picture of your child or have them attempt to write their name and put that there so they can see their progress. I'm going to leave the pages blank so my...

Sister can add something of her choosing.

Use the back page to document important information like the date and the gifter or recipient.

Use this guide to make easy learning books for all kinds of things! I've also done easy words with pictures and shapes. Don't ever pay for a generic learning book again!

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