How to make dryer balls and never pay for dryer sheets again

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Gather supplies. Wool roving can be found at craft stores and costs around $5-$7 a bundle. Must be 100% wool, no exceptions!

Wrap wool around fingers about 12 times.

Pull bundle off your fingers and wrap it around the middle. Continue wrapping around until ball forms

Make sure to wrap ball tightly. ball should be tennis ball size. For faster drying time make larger soft ball size ball. Each bundle makes 2 balls.

When finished, pull end of wool through a few layers of the ball with your needle or hook. Do this a few times

Cut off any remaining wool.

Repeat steps 2-6 to make a total of 6 dryer balls. If you normally do large laundry loads make 8 dryer balls.

I made mine from my favorite colors. You can use bright colors to find dryer balls in laundry easier.

Place ball in pantyhose and tie a knot on top. It is important to tie a knot after placing ball in pantyhose.

Fill panty hose and cut off end.

The next step is called felting. It will bind the wool yarn together, forming a solid ball. You must tie knots between balls to prevent them from joining together.

Run dryer balls through the washing machine with Hot water 3 times. I prefer to wash them with the towels.

After 3-4 washings cut each ball out of stocking

Notice how the threads are bonded to each other? Your dryer balls have now felted and will not separate. Only 100% wool will do the trick!

Here you can see the difference. Before and After felting :)

Dryer balls tumble with your laundry to increase fluffiness and reduce static.Drying time is reduced by 30%, saving you $$ on utility bills. Cool.

Dryer sheets are expensive, contain harmful chemicals and perfumes. They also decrease the absorbency of towels. Not so cool.

Now you have a safe alternative that is made from a renewable source and softens clothes naturally. Enjoy!

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