How to create little things journal page

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My background was created w/ Viridian, Black Leather Jacket through the Beehive Stencil, Desire through the Dot Matrix stencil, Portobello, Lemon Tart, & Sandcastle. Spray rest w/Salmon & Siesta Key.

Stamp the image onto a sheet of white tissue paper. I like to use Versifine ink because it holds up to being painted over.

Paint the image with Ferrari, Parakeet, Cayman, and Pumpkin Spice Sorbet and Copper Metal Effects.

Tear out the image. You want ragged edges with no harsh corners or lines.

Using matte gel medium, glue the image down.

Type out your text and spray with Rustic Colorations and Ice Fairy Dust.

Cut out and add your text. Edge the page with thinned Tuxedo Velvet.

Go around the edges of the words with a paint brush and slightly thinned Tuxedo Velvet.

You're done!

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