How to make an easy 2 ingredient ice cream cake

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Start by beating the cream on high until stiff peaks form, sprinkle in sugar (if desired) while the mixer runs!


Line a 9x13 dish with plastic wrap.

Place half of the ice cream bars in the pan. I had to be creative to fit them all correctly! :)

Color half of the cream with food coloring of your choice! I made this cake for the fourth, so I chose red and blue! :)

Cover the ice cream bars with whipped cream.

Place another layer of ice cream bars over the cream!

And lastly, color the cream as you wish!

And lastly finish with another layer of cream, and freeze until ready to serve! :)

Look at all those layers of goodness! Easy and a crowd pleaser on these hot summer nights! Happy baking! Xoxo - Rikki

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