How to cook traditional cypriot okra

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Chop the onions and parsley

Then cut tip and top of the okra and put a dint just in the middle

Chop the tomatoes

Put a little oil and put some of the okra and brown them but not too much

Add salt and pepper

Put them into an oven friendly dish and continue to brown okra until you fill the dish

Cook the minced meat until it changes color and put pepper and salt

At high or medium heat

Add in the onions

After onions are cooked a little add in parsley

Then add in the tomatoes

Add the tomato paste

Add 1 lemons juice in and about a cup of water

Pour it on to the okra

Cook about 190C for 30-40 minutes depending on your oven . Check periodically and take off when it goes darker i like mine crispy so i donr take them off until its a little burnt

İts best served with bulghur pilaf and yoghurt

Watch the video: Koupepia dolmades from Cyprus, Chef Andros.


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