How to do galaxy nails

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Polishes used

Start with your base coat, then add a black or dark blue polish

Take a glob of white polish and your make-up sponge, dab into the glob, then off onto the foil. You don't want to much

With white, dab a diagonal line across your finger. This will help the colors pop better

Do the same process (dip and dab) to add your other colors


Now take a tooth pick and white to add a few dots for stars

Be careful when adding the dots not to add to many. The design will seem messy and crowded.

To avoid this, add a dot, then stop and look back at your nail from a few angles. Add another, look back. Keep doing this dot after dot until you think you have enough

Now with a striper add a cross, for a large star

When applying a top coat, make sure everything is completely dry. Then apply as fast as possible in three strokes

Three stroke method:

Stroke one: Go straight down the middle of your nail

Stroke two: Start at the top of your nail and go down, curving slightly towards the middle

Stroke three: Start at the top and go down, curving slightly towards the middle

All finished(:

Finished with all the nails

I love to be challenged! Send me any patterns you want and I'll do my best to make them easy to do

Watch the video: DIY GALAXY NAILS - Man Vs Youtube #8


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