How to make "dippy eggs"

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Your supplies. Eggs should be at room temperature (i.e. not fridge cold).

A quick note: The recipe uses "soldiers", thin slices of toast. My toaster is a beast and cooks bread quickly. if you're toaster is slow you may want to cook your bread before putting the eggs in.

Fill your pan with water and put it on high heat until it boils.

Set your timer: 5:35 if they are room temp. If you're using fridge temp eggs, you can cook them for 6 minutes (but you won't pass muster with my daughter...) :-)

When the water is boiling, gently lower your eggs. Start the timer immediately as your last egg is lowered.

Now make your toast. Top tip: Before buttering, let your toast stand for 30 seconds - 1 minute after it's popped, it will be crispier and won't go floppy.

When your toast is ready, butter it and slice into "soldiers". Do this BEFORE your eggs are finished (can't stress this enough). My daughter likes the crusts removed...

AS SOON as your timer beeps IMMEDIATELY run the pan under cold water, this stops the cooking, work quickly here!

Plate up your soldiers, put your eggs in their cups and slice off the lids.

Still working quickly, add 1 - 2 drops of white wine vinegar and half a teaspoon of butter to each egg and put a twist of salt on the lids.

Dip a soldier and enjoy!

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