How to create mummy candy holders

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Remove label from empty coffee canister.

Use a matte or semi gloss black spray paint to coat canisters.

Cover completely with spray paint. I used a card board box as my "spray booth." You will want to do 2 coats.

Let dry completely before spraying a second coat

The paint will no longer appear glossy when dry.

Use cheesecloth to wrap around each canister. I used one pack per canister. I found it at my local grocery store but any hardware store will carry it too.

Once wrapped, take your large googly eyes and separate the cheesecloth slightly to insert. If you are having trouble getting them to stay use a small glue dot on the back of each eye.

To create the mouth simple create a small opening with your fingers exposing the canister. Place a small glue dot behind the cloth on the upper lip and repeat for the lower lip. It will hold in place.

Stuff open end with candy and enjoy! Great for home decor even without the candy!

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