How to create olaf nails

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Supplies (click for full image)

Start with all blue nails

For the thumb I'm doing a snowflake

Start by drawing four lines from the corner of your nail

Then add white dots to the end of every line

And to the beginning

Then add Vs to each line (I did two per line)

I then added four pieces of glitter by dipping a toothpick onto the brush and picking up the large pieces

Now for the top of Olaf's head. Start with a C at the inside edge of your nail

Then fill in

Then a V for the rest of his head

Fill in and add another smaller V

Now his body. Add a small potato shape

Then a big potato and fill those in

Now the bottom of his body and his feet

Two circles for feets and fill in

Now add his three tufts of hair in dark brown

And his eye brows

And his arms

Then using orange add his carrot nose

And in grey (or black) add his mouth, and leave a square for his tooth

Fill in everything but the tooth

Add three black dots for his buttons

And outline the top of his feet in blue

I ended up going back and elongating the top of his head

For the eyes do big black dots

Smaller white ones

And even smaller black

Top coat and you're all done!

Watch the video: Frozen. Olaf Nails!!


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