How to make a fall picture frame

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I started by picking out a main patterned paper that I liked to cover the frame with.

I cut the paper to fit the frame, then painted the edges of the frame that are uncovered with black paint

I hot glued some colorful trim pieces to the bottom of the frame

I also hot glued some beads and made a centerpiece from a large pin, some beads, and ribbon scraps. I then hot glued that to the center

I added some ribbon trim around the edges and hot glued some of the flower sequins around the polka dots

For the final step I printed out a pic of my youngest daughter and put it in the frame :)

All products used with the exception of the frame are from the October Hydrangea Hippo kit. You can purchase it at

For more mixed media inspiration, visit my blog at Thanks!!

Watch the video: Making a picture frame using a router


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