How to bake pecan pie brownie

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Prepare brownie mixture according to package directions. Pour into greased deep dish pie pan. Reserve 1/3 of mixture for topping.

Prepare pecan pie filling and add a handful of chocolate chips.

Pour pecan pie filling over brownie mixture. Note, if you bake the brownie layer first until almost done then add the topping, and then bake again, then the layers will stay separated.

I used chopped pecans. Halved pecans are fine, too.

Add reserved brownie to the top in dollups. Keep the level 1/2 inch below rim. If too much mixture, pour the rest into ramekins and bake separately in the oven with the main dish.

Leftover mix.

Bake at 375 degrees for 40 minutes.

I forgot the corn syrup in the pecan pie layer, but with or without, the results are the same. I've done this both ways.

Cool 10 minutes and serve.

The pecan pie filling mostly absorbed into the brownie, but there are small tastes of it in each bite.

Totally scrumptious!

Yummy with fat free whip cream! : )

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