How to cook hearty chili

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Cook bacon pieces Add olive oil and diced onion Sauté until translucent Add garlic, salt and pepper

Prepare your crockpot and open your cans! You can use pinto, black or chili beans. I tend to prefer a mix of black and pinto.

Get out your spices. Use whatever you want. The recipe I posted is chili nirvana and also perfection. The pictures vary slightly

Add ground beef to onion and bacon. Let it brown and add in a tablespoon of your chili powder. Flavor. Everywhere!

Add beans and tomato sauce to the crockpot. Then add all your spices and herbs into that. P.S. don't drain the beans. The sauce is free flavor and it'll thicken the chili perfectly. Now add the meat.

Let it cook in it's own deliciousness for AT LEAST 30 min to an hour. It's finally time! Add beer you like to drink. Domestic lagers are best. Minimal hops. Drink the remaining beer (it's crucial).

If you like it spicy (I do) add in a dried pepper. You can do this in the beginning if you really want to. Now the honey. I do this last because I think it tastes better. Brown sugar is acceptable.

There is no superior way to eat chili. I'm sorry Texas, but there isn't. These next steps are important so follow carefully. Boil spaghetti. DO IT!

Top your spaghetti with the chili. Add shredded cheddar and if you so desire, raw onion and hot sauce. It's Cincinnati chili meats cowboy chili. Trust me, it's always a hit no matter where you live.

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