How to make dump s'mores

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From this recipe book.

Prepare 1 cup crushed grahams.

Line pan with foil and spray well with cooking spray (13x9 or 8x8 pan). I used 8x8 thinking I would half this recipe, but I included the whole measurements because the toppings are just too good.

Melt stick of butter and mix into grahams with a fork.

Spread graham mixture into pan. Now we can start dumping!

Dump on the 14 oz. condensed milk, or spread marshmallow fluff.

If you use marshmallow fluff instead of condensed milk, omit the foil by using a greased pie pan so a pie server can slice it out.

Dump on 1 cup marshmallows. (Marshmallow fluff and marshmallows work great together!)

Dump on 1 cup crumbled cookies. This is the greatest idea for a top crust for a s'more.

Dump on 1 cup chocolate chips. Bake at 350 for 20 or 25 minutes until golden brown.

Done and golden brown.

The condensed milk makes these sticky and gooey. The cooking spray is very necessary to use. Therefore, I recommend marshmallow fluff instead.

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