How to make a t-shirt pillow case

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Gather your supplies and lay the Tshirt flat, smoothing out all the wrinkles of both layers.

Cut around the entire perimeter of the shirt, separating the front and the back into two pieces.

Measure the length & width of the pillow form. When cutting the newspaper to create a pattern, it needs to be a 1/2" bigger all around the pillow. This one is 16"x16". The pattern will be 17"x17".

Lay the front of the shirt flat & center the newspaper pattern over the logo, but not over the neck or sleeve seams. Pin the paper to the Tshirt & then carefully cut all the way around the pattern.

Cut the 2nd piece of paper to about 2/3 the size of the 1st. This one was cut to 11"x17".

Lay both the back and the remainder of the front panels of tee together, lining up the bottom hems. Pin the 2nd piece of paper to both layers, leaving the hem side unpinned, & cut around the pattern.

Remove all of the pins and set the newspaper aside, saving it for your next pillow case, if you have more than one pillow the same size.

Lay the logo piece flat, face up. Lay one smaller piece on top of it, face down. Lay the last piece the same way, opposite the last one. The hems will overlap across the logo. Pin all the way around.

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