How to Cook Dolsot Bibimbap

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Marinate beef in Korean bulgolgi marinade for at least an hour. Cover and set in refrigerator until ready to cook.

Sauté spinach in olive oil and sesame oil for taste. Add a dash of S/P.

Slice zucchini into thin rounds and sauté in olive oil and sesame oil for taste. Add a dash of S/P. I like to cook into it until it is translucent and curling up.

Sauté remaining veggies in the same manner. For carrots add a splash of rice wine vinegar (2-3 tbsp).

Lay out several pieces of beef in the pan with a little oil olive oil and cook only until no longer red. Avoid overcooking otherwise beef will be tough.


Add sesame oil to coat the bottoms and part of the sides of each bowl. Press a thin layer of rice to the bottom and side for the crisp factor. Add remaining desired amount of rice to the bowl.

Add veggies and meat to the bowls. Veggies around the side and meat in the center.

Top each bowl with an egg over easy.

Cover with lid and set on the burner on high. Wait for the crackle of the rice! You want the rice to be crispy so wait about 10 minutes before serving.

May want to set bowls on trivets when serving because they will be super hot and they will leave a mark on your table. Be careful as you remove the lid - make way for the escaping steam.

Serve with hot pepper paste. Enjoy!

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