How to Create a Makeup Base That Stays

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A durable foundation is best achieved using primer, to smooth skin and create a great surface for the foundation

Apply all over the face sparingly

Next get your brushes and liquid foundation

Get a shade that matches your naked skin, if in doubt always get the lighter option, getting a foundation that's too dark looks terrible!

Apply foundation with the flat foundation brush evenly, then buff and blend with the duo fibre brush to create a smooth finish

Finally set with translucent powder.

Press on to the face then dust off the excess, pay special attention to under the eyes

Add some concealer if you need to. A touch of blush or bronze, filled in brows and a little mascara for a natural looking day look.

I hope you enjoyed this HowTo❤! Next time - Create the perfect eyebrows. Quote of the guide is - In art economy is always beauty⚡



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