How to Cook Spicy Shrimp Stirfry

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gather your ingredients. get ready to prepare & enjoy an easy and quick recipe your family will love!

put one cup per person of rice into a pot with a lid. cover the rice with water (1/2 inch over the rice.) place on stove and let the rice boil. when rice is boiling, reduce heat and stir occasionally.

shell/devein the shrimp by pinching the tail and pulling the shell off. season with salt, pepper, ginger. add sriracha and soy sauce. (all of this is to taste, whatever you prefer.)

slice onion, water chestnuts, and pineapple (unless you've bought sliced water chestnuts and chunk pineapple.)

prepare a pan or a wok with oil and butter. you want the pan to be hot before adding shrimp.

add shrimp, snow peas, and onion to hot sauté pan or wok. cook for three minutes before adding the water chestnuts, cashews, and pineapple.

when shrimp is cooked, add water chestnuts, cashews, and pineapple. cook for five more minutes. you can add soy vay, soy sauce, and sriracha to taste.

when rice is ready, put one cup into a bowl, and one cup of stir fry on top. garnish with chow mein noodles .

... xiangshou! enjoy the yummy stir fry! this recipe also works with chicken or beef. beware of nut allergies!

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