How to Cook Red Bean Soup With Glutinous Rice Ball

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200 grams of red kidney beans. Highly recommend to mix with small red beans. If just cook with red kidney beans, the soup will not have strong flavor. Today, I couldn't find small red beans to mix it.

Rinse with water before poring into the pot.

Pouring hot water into the pot. Cover around 2/3 water level.

Bring it to boil, and lower down to medium heat.

Cover with lid, but leave a gap to avoid overflow.

Prepare another pot with boiling water. Once water boiling, put the glutinous rice ball into the pot. Bring it to boil. You may use plain rice balls or any filling rice balls that you like.

Once the glutinous rice balls floating, lower down the heat to low level.

Cook it for about 10mins, then you will see the glutinous rice balls start to sink. Remove from the heat and leave it for about 5mins.

Soak with cold water to stop the cooking process.

Soak 40grams tapioca pearl with water until fully absorb.

Once soak, just leave it aside.

After the water level reduced to half (about 45mins cooking), check the red kidney beans, if the skin still a whole and tough in texture, add more hot water to boil.

Another 45mins of cooking, check the red kidney beans again, if the beans soft and breaking, then is ready to put tapioca pearls to mix.

Add the soaked tapioca pearls into the pot.

Keep stirring for about 5mins.

Add 8 tablespoon of brown sugar.

Add coconut cream into the pot and bring it to boil. Coconut cream is optional, without it, will still taste nice.

Put glutinous rice balls into bowl, and pour red bean soup into the bowl, and is ready to serve. You may garnish with few drops of coconut cream.

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