How to Cook Easy Cheesy Hungarian Pasta Aka Turòs Tèszta

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Hey I'm going to cook one of the EASIEST Hungarian food I know it takes like 15 mins max and will be one filling lunch or dinner. You don't need a lot of ingredient so also a pretty cheap one to make.

About my ingredients as I said earlier I'm not really keeping everything by the recipe more like the taste I get from it but yeah this is what "you are supposed to use" feel free tho to make changes.

First of all start boiling water with some oil in it. Start with this so the water gets warmer while you work on other things.

After just a few seconds you can add the pasta to it, mix it up a little make sure the whole thing touches the water.

Originally you d need bacon cubes however I had some of these still left in my frig so you can use them as well, I ll show you how in just a second.

Cut them into as small pieces as possibly as you wanna try to make them similar to the original receipt the way my grandma makes it.

This is something how the end result should look like, I mean if it's not the exact same don't worry as long as they are small it's all good. Make sure at the same time the pasta is cooking *save time

After you cut the bacon up /or better if you have the cubes put it in the microwave so it cooks itself in its fat. Now you can also cook it in the traditional way that's just the way my grandma did it

After 4 minutes you should get something like this, if it's good enough for you just slice it up with a knife cuz it will be stuck together a bit. Make sure you keep the fat of it you ll need it

After you slice it up that's gonna be your end result now I personally put it back for an other 3-4 minutes to get it more crispy but really up to you, do it the way you like it.

After the pasta seems ready just take the water away in one of these magical devices not sure what is it called on English, but yeah just use this and put some water on it and it's good as it is.

Now place the pasta into some deeper plate where you can shake it up once more and later this will be the plate you ll mix the whole thing up together, dw gonna look a lot better then this 😉

Add the cottage cheese to it (I added 500ml and had 450g of pasta) so try to keep these amounts close to each other, as some you may know already im not the man of measures. Also some sour cream now.

This is my "end result bacon" yeah I guess cubes would look better but again dont worry try ll do just fine. Remember the fat has to go wherever the bacon does!

Now add the bacon and it's fat to the already mixed pasta, you should also add some salt to it according to how you like it and mix the whole thing up one more big time.

This shall be your end result, might need but more salt but up to you really, I also added some more sour cream on top of it for decoration and if you wanna serve fancy drop extra bacon on it n voala

And that's about it I measured it took me around 18 mins MAX to cook, only cuz I was keep putting the bacon back to the microwave, but yeah I hope you will enjoy it Bon Appetite or Jò Ètvàgyat! 🍴

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