How to Do Your Eye Makeup for Glasses

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Please moisturize your skin. I'm using ' yes to cucumbers'. It makes your skin feel amazing and it's made up of 98% natural product!

You can now do your usual foundation routine,

Curl eyelashes (don't be afraid!) and apply eyeshadow primer from lid to brow, lip balm works if you don have primer, make sure to use plain lip balm and not the flavored stuff. Burt's Bees works well

Using a makeup brush apply a mid-tone color ( your choice) along the crease

It's doesn't have to be perfect, just make sure it extends beyond the outer corner of your eye.

With the smaller brush use a lighter color for the inside of your eyelid

You can also put your light color along your bottom lash line to make your eyes brighter.

It's liquid eyeliner time!

Make a cat eye to the best of your ability ( I'm terrible with it)

Using a fluffy brush, highlight your brow bone and the inside of your eye. Also use the bush to blend any hard edged shadows.

Mascara time! Apply to your preference!

Ta daa! Makes your eyes look bigger so they won't shrink so much with your glasses on :)

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